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The LF AI Foundation Welcomes New Member Gemini Open Cloud Computing

By July 8, 2019In The News
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Gemini Open Cloud Computing, Inc. is a spin-off from the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), the largest technology R&D institute in Taiwan. The company has been developing cloud computing technology since 2009.

Gemini Open Cloud Computing is the newest member to join the LF AI Foundation at the Linux Foundation.

“Gemini Open Cloud is excited to join the LF AI Foundation. We have been working on Cloud technology for the last decade. Taiwan has been investing heavily in its AI infrastructure in the last few years and promoting our industry to adopt state of the art AI technologies,” said Patrick Fu, CEO, Gemini Open Computing, Inc. “As the first company from Taiwan to join this foundation, we are committed to the open source community in AI development and look forward to working with its hosting projects to develop the best of breed open source tools for Machine Learning.”

Gemini Open Cloud Computing supports both OpenStack and Cloud Native IaaS environments. Gemini Open Cloud (GOC) is deployed widely in multiple private and public cloud installations in Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and China, including Taiwania 2 which is named the 20th-most powerful computer in the world, the best ranking for a Taiwan-made supercomputer ever. GOC includes an added Platform as a Service (PaaS) layer to support multi-cloud resource management for the ML pipeline as well as hosting AI applications. This improves the efficiency and lowers the cost of AI Machine Learning lifecycle development.

“The LF AI Foundation is excited to welcome Gemini Open Cloud Computing, Inc. as a new member. Open Source AI development is truly global and will continue to be so,” said Ibrahim Haddad, Executive Director of LF AI. “We welcome perspectives and expertise from a wide variety of industries to help build a truly sustainable open source AI ecosystem, and we look forward to having Gemini Open Cloud Computing play a role in LF AI Foundation.”

Gemini Open Cloud Computing is excited to get more involved in the LF AI community and advance cloud native computing and AI innovation and efficiency around the compute-driven model. Gemini Open Cloud Computing will be attending the Open Source Summit NA North America later this year where the latest open source AI/ML/DL developments will be featured.

LF AI is building a sustainable ecosystem that makes it easy to create new AI products and services using open source technologies. Today, LF AI hosts the following projects:

  • Acumos, a platform to build, share and deploy AI apps;
  • Angel ML, a flexible and Powerful Parameter Server for large-scale machine learning;
  • EDL, an Elastic Deep Learning framework designed to build cluster cloud services;
  • Horovod, a framework for distributed training across multiple machines; and
  • Pyro, a deep probabilistic programming framework that facilitates large-scale exploration of AI models.

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About Gemini Open Cloud Computing, Inc.

Gemini Open Cloud Computing Inc. was founded in December 2014 and officially spin-off from ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) in March 2015. Patrick Fu, CEO of Gemini, has over 30 years’ experience in enterprise software development and management in the US. Before becoming Gemini’s CEO, he held the role as Cloud OS team lead in ITRI. Backed by an experienced team of system software R&D engineers from Taiwan and the United States, Gemini makes cloud computing easy for business and is now enterprise and telecom grade ready.

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