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The LF AI & Data Foundation is leading the charge in accelerating the development and innovation in AI through the power of open-source contributions, a transparent development model and collaboration. The LF AI & Data Foundation launched Generative AI Commons in September 2023 to be a hub for open, transparent collaboration, unbiased governance, and educational efforts that champion the cause of open science and open source in the realm of generative AI. The Generative AI Commons has 5 core workstreams led by their own leads that holistically address different areas of generative AI.  There are two technically-oriented workstreams, “Applications” and “Models & Data”, two that are socially-oriented, “Responsible AI” and “Education & Outreach” and a fifth designed to enable generative adoption working with the other workstreams, “Frameworks”. 

We are excited to announce the result of the 2024 Generative AI Commons election. Join us in welcoming Arnaud Le Hors of IBM’s Open Technologies division as the new Vice Chair of Generative AI Commons! Arnaud will team up with Anni Lai of Futurewei, the current Chair of Gen AI Commons. Their crucial roles involve promoting the vision and mission of the Generative AI Commons across the wider scope of the LF AI & Data Foundation and various Linux Foundation projects, embodying the spirit and goals of the initiative. 

To learn about Generative AI Commons: wiki.

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