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Thank you to Orange for a Successful Virtual LF AI Day EU!

By June 26, 2020No Comments

A big thank you to Orange for hosting our first virtual LF AI Day EU! The event was held on June 22, 2020 and was a great success with close to 50 attendees joining live. 

The event featured keynote speakers from leading operators in the AI industry and startups with a focus on open source strategies for machine learning and deep learning. Various AI topics were covered, including technical presentations from EU startups, demonstrations of AI Marketplace, and discussions of LF AI projects.

The LF AI day was an opportunity to discuss the evolution of AI, the history of LF AI and innovative AI products from EU startups.

After the Orange Welcome of Claire Chauvin, François Jezequel presented the evolution towards Artificial General Intelligence AGI defined as the representation of generalized human cognitive abilities in AI software. He gave an example of research projects on neuroscience and knowledge representation and reasoning.

Anwar Aftab, from AT&T Labs, presented the new functionalities of the latest Acumos AI Release Demeter as a Portable AI platform and how AT&T is using AI for Network automation in Open RAN and NFV/ONAP.

Several European startups presented their innovative AI products starting with an advanced chatbot for conversational AI from Levia, AI empowering HR from Xtramile, neural search engine from Jina AI and visual automation from Ximilar.

The demonstration of the Orange AI Marketplace was also realized during this event as a European platform to accelerate the delivery of AI to the Enterprise market.

During this event, the French open source RosaeNLG (Natural Language Generation) project was introduced, as well as the research activity of Université de Paris for document co-clustering.

Missed the event? Check out the presentations here.

This event was held in a virtual format but we look forward to connecting again at another event in person soon. LF AI Day is a regional, one-day event hosted and organized by local members with support from LF AI, its members, and its projects. If you are interested in hosting an LF AI Day, please email to discuss.

Event host, Orange, is a leading telecommunications company with headquarters in France. They are the largest telecoms operator in France, with the bulk of their operations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

As an LF AI General Member, Orange is involved within the LF AI Governing Board, Outreach Committee, Trusted AI Committee and an active contributor to the LF AI Acumos project.

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