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LF AI & Data Foundation Announces DataOps Committee

By September 7, 2021No Comments

The LF AI & Data Foundation, which supports and builds a sustainable ecosystem for open source AI and Data software, today announced the launch of the DataOps Committee. The committee consists of a diverse group of organizations from various industries and individuals interested in collaborating on a set of practices that aims to deliver trusted and business-ready data to accelerate journeys to build AI powered applications. This committee was formally approved by the Technical Advisory Council and the Governing Board.

Dr. Ibrahim Haddad, Executive Director of LF AI & Data, said: “We are very excited to expand our efforts in LF AI & Data into DataOps. Collaborating and advancing innovation in DataOps will have a direct impact on improving the quality and reducing the cycle time of data analytics. Our goal is to leverage the mindshare of the broader AI and Data community to further innovate in this area and create new collaboration opportunities for LF AI & Data hosted projects. The DataOps committee will be an open and collaborative space for anyone interested to join the effort and be part of our growing community”. 

Based on the initial discussion among the founders of the committee, the initial focus of the committee for the first 6-8 months will evolve around:

  1. Identify Projects and tools in DataOps Space and get the community exposed to how these DataOps tools work together and where to use in the pipeline (with pros and cons).
  2. Exposure to industrial approaches for dataset metadata management, governance, and automation of flow.
  3. Understand usage of DataOps tools and practices through industrial use cases (by domain). Identify gaps in the use case implementation and discuss solutions to bridge the gap.
  4. Exposure to tools and technologies that can help control the usage of data and securely access it across the enterprise in a cloud native platform.
  5. Provide an opportunity for committee members to perform research in the DataOps space.
  6. Educate the community about new developments in the DataOps space.

Over time, we expect the focus areas to shift into a deeper technical focus with an emphasis on filling in the gaps in terms of the implementation of needed functionalities and launching technical efforts to provide bridging across various projects. As this is a member driven effort, we extend you the invitation to participate in the committee, contribute to the efforts, and influence it.

Saishruthi Swaminathan, Technical Lead & Data Scientist, IBM, said: “We are very happy to experience the support from the LF AI & Data membership for this effort that lead to the formalization of the DataOps Committee. We’re excited to be leading this effort with the goal to generate and support open standards around toolchain interoperability for DataOps”. 

Learn more about the DataOps Committee here. To participate in the committee be sure to subscribe to the mailing list to stay up to date on activities and also subscribe to the group calendar for upcoming meetings.

For a full list of LF AI & Data Foundation Committees, visit our website. For questions about participating in the LF AI & Data Foundation, please email us at

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