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RosaeNLG Joins LF AI & Data as New Sandbox Project

By April 28, 2021No Comments

LF AI & Data Foundation—the organization building an ecosystem to sustain open source innovation in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), and Data open source projects, is announcing RosaeNLG joining the Foundation as its first Sandbox Project. 

The Sandbox stage was recently added by the LF AI & Data Technical Advisory Council (TAC) to accommodate early stage projects that meet one or more  of the following requirements:

  • Any project that intends to join LF AI & Data Incubation in the future and wishes to lay the foundations for that.
  • New projects that are designed to extend one or more LF AI & Data projects with functionality or interoperability libraries. 
  • Independent projects that fit the LF AI & Data mission and provide the potential for a novel approach to existing functional areas (or are an attempt to meet an unfulfilled need).

RosaeNLG is a great fit for this stage and was voted by the TAC into incubation at the Sandbox stage. It is an open source Natural Language Generation (NLG) project that aims to offer the same NLG features as product NLG solutions and to be developer and IT friendly for ease of integration and configuration. RosaeNLG was released and open sourced by Ludan Stoecklé, CTO of Data & AI Lab at BNP Paribas CIB and Expert Professor at aivancity school. 

Dr. Ibrahim Haddad, Executive Director of LF AI & Data, said: “RosaeNLG is a great foundational project that aims to broaden the accessibility and understandability of AI. We’re excited to welcome RosaeNLG as our first Sandbox stage project and look forward to supporting its journey for increased adoption, growth, and collaboration with other projects.”  

Template-based Natural Language Generation (NLG) automates the production of relatively repetitive texts based on structured input data and textual templates, run by an NLG engine. Production usage is widespread in large corporations, especially in the financial industry.

Typical use cases are:

  • Describing a product based on its features for SEO purposes
  • Produce structured reports such as risk reports or fund performance in the financial industry
  • Generate well formed chatbot answers

RosaeNLG templates are developed on VSCode with a friendly syntax and are easy to integrate. It currently supports languages such as English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, with linguistic resources. It also provides NLG on both the server-side (using node.js REST API) and the browser-side.

Ludan Stoecklé, the founder of RosaeNLG, said: “Non-expert users don’t understand long tables of figures and dashboards; they prefer simple textual explanations. NLG is key in the democratization and understandability of data in general and to trusted AI in particular. Template-based NLG is the only way to achieve complex data-to-text projects without any error or hallucination in the texts, which is mandatory for trust. The support of the LF AI & Data Foundation will foster adoption and community growth, as well as diversity in NLG domain, with the goal to support more than 50 commonly spoken languages.”

LF AI & Data supports projects via a wide range of services, and the first step is joining the Foundation in incubation. Learn more about RosaeNLG on their GitHub and be sure to join the RosaeNLG-Announce and RosaeNLG-Technical-Discuss mail lists to join the community and stay connected on the latest updates. 

A warm welcome to RosaeNLG! We look forward to the project’s continued growth and success as part of the LF AI & Data Foundation. To learn about how to host an open source project with us, visit the LF AI & Data website.

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