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New LF AI & Data Member Welcome – Q1 2021

By April 15, 2021No Comments

We are excited to welcome six new members to the LF AI & Data Foundation. VMware has joined as a General Member, and Galgotias University, High School Technology Services, OpenUK, Ken Kennedy Institute, and the University of Washington – Tacoma have joined as Associate Members. 

The LF AI & Data Foundation will build and support an open community and a growing ecosystem of open source AI, data and analytics projects, by accelerating development and innovation, enabling collaboration and the creation of new opportunities for all of the members of the community.

Learn more about the new organizations in their own words below:

General Members

The LF AI & Data General membership is targeted for organizations that want to put their organization in full view in support of LF AI & Data and our mission. Organizations that join at the General level are committed to using open source technology, helping LF AI & Data grow, voicing the opinions of their customers, and giving back to the community.

VMware streamlines the journey for organizations to become digital businesses that deliver better experiences to their customers and empower employees to do their best work. Our software spans App Modernization, Cloud, Networking & Security, and Digital Workspace.

Associate Members

The LF AI & Data Associate membership is reserved for pre-approved non-profits, open source projects, and government entities. 

Galgotias University is devoted to excellence in teaching, research and innovation, and to develop leaders who’ll make a difference to the world. The University, which is based in Greater Noida, has an enrollment of over 15,000 students across more than 100 Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs.

High School Technology Services strives to provide the highest quality information technology services to high schools, teenagers, and adults. From creating websites to building computer labs, from offering counseling sessions to designing preparation programs, we aim to provide an assortment of services to support the dreams of these teenagers, their parents, and the schools.


OpenUK advocates for Open Technology being open source software, open source hardware, and open data, “Open” in and for business communities across the UK. As an industry advocacy organization, OpenUK gives its participants greater influence than they could ever achieve alone. Collaboration is central to everything we do and we use it to bring together business, public sector, and community in the UK to collaborate locally and globally.


The Ken Kennedy Institute is the virtual home of over two hundred faculty members and senior researchers at Rice University spanning computer science, mathematics, statistics, engineering, natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, business, architecture, and music.

The Institute brings together the Rice community to collaboratively solve critical global challenges by fostering innovations in computing and harnessing the transformative power of data. We enable new conversations, drive interdisciplinary research in AI and data science, develop new technology to serve society, advance the current and future workforce, promote an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship, and develop academic, industry, and community partnerships in the computational sciences.


University of Washington – Tacoma is an urban-serving university providing access to students in a way that transforms families and communities. We impact and inform economic development through community-engaged students and faculty. We conduct research that is of direct use to our community and region. And, most importantly, we seek to be connected to our community’s needs and aspirations.

Welcome New Members!

We look forward to partnering with these new LF AI & Data Foundation members to help support open source innovation and projects within the artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), and data space. Welcome to our new members!

Interested in joining the LF AI & Data community as a member? Learn more here and email for more information and/or questions. 

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