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Join LF AI & Data at Kubernetes AI Day!

By April 6, 2021No Comments

The LF AI & Data Foundation is pleased to be a co-host at the upcoming Kubernetes AI Day! The event will be held virtually on May 4, 2021, and registration is only US$20.

Kubernetes is becoming a common substrate for AI that allows for workloads to be run either in the cloud or in its own data center, and to easily scale. This event is great for developers who are interested in deploying AI at scale using Kubernetes. 

The agenda is now live! Please note the times below are displayed in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

1:00 PDT

Opening Remarks

1:05 PDT

Scaling ML pipelines with KALE — the Kubeflow Automated Pipeline Engine

1:40 PDT

A K8s Based Reference Architecture for Streaming Inference in the Wild

2:15 PDT

Embrace DevOps Practices to ML Pipeline Development

2:45 PDT


3:05 PDT

Taming the Beast: Managing the day 2 operational complexity of Kubeflow

3:40 PDT

The SAME Project: A Cloud Native Approach to Reproducible Machine Learning

4:10 PDT


4:25 PDT

Stand up for ethical AI! How to detect and mitigate AI bias using Kubeflow

5:00 PDT

The production daily life: An end to end experience of serverless machine learning, MLOps and models explainability

6:30 PDT

Closing Remarks

Visit the event website for more information about the schedule and speakers. Join us by registering to attend Kubernetes AI Day – Register Now!

The LF AI & Data Foundation’s mission is to build and support an open AI community, and drive open source innovation in the AI, ML, and DL domains by enabling collaboration and the creation of new opportunities for all the members of the community. 

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