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LF AI Day – Paris Edition, Recap

By September 25, 2019No Comments
Nicolas Demassieux (SVP, Orange Labs Research) in his opening speech 

The LF AI Day – Paris, was held September 16 in Paris-Châtillons, France, at Orange Gardens, 44 Avenue de la République. It was a fantastic day with presentations and a panel discussion from well-known organizations like Orange, NTT, Nokia, Ericsson, IBM, LF AI Foundation, and more.

LF AI Days are regional, one-day events hosted and organized by local members with support from LF AI and its hosted projects. These events are open to all for participation and have no cost to attend. More LF AI events information here.

Dr. Margriet Groenendijk from IBM discussing Trusted AI 


Nicolas Demassieux, SVP, Orange Labs Research, spoke of 3 challenges:

  1. The need to control “AI economics,” meaning ROI optimization and risk management when introducing AI models
  2. The need to speed up development of end-to-end AI tools and interoperability with enterprise data lakes
  3. The need to set up guidelines for trusted and fair AI

Masakatsu Fujiwara, Project Manager, NTT Network Technology Laboratories, talked about NTT view’s that the future of network management will be based on AI-driven autonomous maintenance loops.

Anwar Aftab, Director, Inventive Science, AT&T Labs, discussed how the future for network AI will autonomous, contextual and predictive networks that drive new experiences at higher velocities.

Philippe Carré, Senior Specialist Open Source, Nokia Bell-Labs & CTO, covered how Nokia’s three priorities for AI operations are Security, Fault Management, and Configuration management.

The Startups Panel Discussion, entitled “Barriers for AI development,” covered several types of barriers and including participation from François Tillerot, Intrapreneur-CMO, Orange AI Marketplace, Rahul Chakkara, Co-Founder, Manas AI, Laurent Depersin, Research & Innovation Home Lab Director, Interdigital, Marion Carré, CEO Ask Mona, and Sana Ben Jemaa, Project Manager Radio & AI, Orange Labs Networks

  • Why to introduce AI – Difficulty to describe an AI use case and translate business benefit, not clear ROI.
    • Supporting customers in their strategy to introduce AI and build ROI can tackle this issue
  • Project Technical or HR (skills) issues – Multiple environment/tools constrain End to End Solution, lack of talent/skills in companies, difficulty to deploy and scale.
    • Open source solutions, in particular LF AI and Acumos AI project will facilitate mutualized approaches and multi-skills collaboration to workaround
  • Readiness (technical or mindset) – Data supply chain not ready, lack of trust
    • Trustful AI approaches and better awareness in AI capabilities (also avoiding “overselling” AI) are potential solutions to tackle this.

The list of presentations made available:

Startup Panel discussing barriers for AI development

Come join us next time, and join the open source AI conversation!


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