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Are you in Government or the Public Sector? The Call for Participation for the AAAI AI in Government and Public Sector Fall Symposium is Open!

By July 10, 2019No Comments

Government is at the front lines of the democratization of AI. The scale of participation and the importance in citizens lives means that government and public section approaches to open source AI will be a central component of how development changes and evolves in the coming years.

The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) is holding its 2019 Fall Symposium Series in Washington, DC, Nov 7–9, 2019.

This symposium will focus on a wide array of government and public sector AI topics. From the Call for Papers (see attached PDF for more information)

“There are hundreds of open source AI related projects focusing on several AI sub-domains such as deep learning, machine learning, models, natural language processing, speech recognition, data, reinforcement learning, notebook environments, ethics and many more.  How can government entities leverage the abundance of open source AI projects and solutions in building their own platforms and services? Based on which criteria should we evaluate various projects aiming to solve same or similar problems? What kind of framework should be in place to validate these projects, and allowing the trust in AI code that will be deployed for public service?”

Submit your proposal by July 26 through the AAAI site choosing the AAAI/FSS-19 Artificial Intelligence in Government and Public Sector track:

Contact Frank Stein ( with any questions.


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