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Open Source AI: Projects, Insights, and Trends

The Linux Foundation surveyed 16 popular open source AI projects – looking in depth at their histories, codebases, and GitHub contributions. Our conclusion? Building the right community around your open source AI project is critical to its success. Here’s why:

  • Incubators work. We identify several examples of projects that have benefited dramatically from joining an incubator.
  • Community governance matters. Open source projects with more diverse contributor patterns last longer and are more likely to survive when a major contributor changes strategy.
  • Consolidation is happening. We discuss several examples of projects that have halted, or may halt, development as contributors flock to other competing projects.
  • If you’re involved with open source AI, you’ll want to read this ebook. Download now to learn more about the most successful open source AI projects, and how to build your own community successfully.

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  • Andrew Bringaze

    Andrew Bringaze is the senior developer for The Linux Foundation. With over 10 years of experience his focus is on open source code, WordPress, React, and site security.