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FierceTelecom: AI Foundation offers second helping of Acumos with Boreas release

By June 25, 2019In The News

The Linux Foundation’s AI Foundation project has dropped its second software release for its Acumos project, which includes a new licensing framework and partner catalogs.

The LF AI Foundation, which was previously known as LF the Deep Learning Foundation, was launched last year to spur innovation across artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning not just in the telecom industry, but across other industries as well.

Following up on the first release in November, which was called Athena, the second release, which is called Boreas, has added training and license verification for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) models and apps for use by community developers and data scientists.

“The key part about Boreas, or Acumos in general, is trying to address the real need to move AI as a more general purpose tool across the broader company and not just be applied in specialty areas,” said Jack Murray, assistant vice president of inventive science, intelligent systems and incubation within AT&T Labs.

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