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In an exciting development for the open-source community, the LF AI & Data Foundation—an organization dedicated to fostering an ecosystem for sustainable open-source innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) and data projects—has announced the graduation of the DocArray project and marks a significant milestone for the project and reflects its robust growth, maturity, open governance, and community support.

What is DocArray?

DocArray is a Python library that facilitates the representation, transmission, storage, and retrieval of multimodal data. Multimodal data includes various data types such as text,images, audio, and video, often required to be processed together in modern AI applications. DocArray simplifies handling these complex data types, making it an invaluable tool for developers working on diverse AI and machine learning projects.

Key Milestones and Achievements

Several impressive achievements and milestones back the graduation of DocArray from the LF AI & Data Foundation:

  • 2.7k Stars on GitHub

    • DocArray has garnered significant attention and appreciation from the developer community, amassing over 2,700 stars on GitHub. This level of community engagement highlights the project’s relevance, utility, and enthusiastic support from contributors and users alike.

  • Presentations at Major Conferences

    • DocArray’s capabilities and contributions have been showcased at notable conferences, further cementing its reputation in the open-source and AI communities.  Link is here.
    • PyCon US 2023: PyCon US is one of the largest gatherings for Python enthusiasts and professionals. DocArray’s presentation at this event underscored its importance and applicability in the Python ecosystem.
  • GSoC 2023 Mentor Summit: The Google Summer of Code (GSoC) Mentor Summit provided an excellent platform for DocArray, demonstrating its innovative approach to handling multimodal data.  Link is here.
  • Top-5 VectorStores on LangchainSmith

    • In 2023, DocArray achieved recognition as one of the top-5 vector stores used on LangchainSmith. This accolade speaks volumes about its performance and reliability in handling vector data, a crucial aspect in various AI applications, particularly in natural language processing and computer vision.

  • Integration with Milvus

    • DocArray’s integration with Milvus, another notable LF AI graduation project, as a vector storage option showcases its flexibility and interoperability. Milvus is a leading open-source vector database, and its seamless integration with DocArray enables developers to leverage both tools’ strengths, enhancing their AI and data processing workflows.
    • Major features include:
      • – Epsilla integration
      • – JAX integration
      • – Migration to PyDantic v2

DocArray’s graduation signifies more than just a milestone; it represents a commitment to continuous innovation and improvement. As part of the LF AI & Data Foundation, DocArray benefits from a broader ecosystem of support, collaboration, and resources, ensuring its sustained growth and impact.

Community and Contribution

DocArray’s open-source nature invites developers, researchers, and enthusiasts to contribute, collaborate, and innovate. The project’s success thus far has been a collective effort, and its future advancements will continue to rely on the vibrant and dynamic community that surrounds it.


The LF AI & Data Foundation’s announcement of DocArray’s graduation is a testament to the project’s excellence and the vibrant community backing it. With its powerful capabilities in handling multimodal data, notable achievements, and ongoing integration with other key projects, DocArray is set to play a pivotal role in the AI and data science landscapes.

Those interested in contributing or learning more about DocArray can visit the GitHub repository and join the growing community of innovators driving the future of AI and data technology.