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Today, the LF AI & Data Foundation, dedicated to fostering an open artificial intelligence (AI) and data community and promoting open source innovation in the AI and data domains, announced Microsoft as its newest Premier Member.

This announcement underscores Microsoft’s commitment to constructing and supporting the open-source AI and data ecosystem, fostering collaboration, and generating new opportunities for all community members.

Microsoft’s Premier membership in LF AI & Data reflects a strong commitment to recognizing the pivotal role that the next generation of open source AI developers and entrepreneurs will play in shaping the future of technology.

As a Premier Member of LF AI & Data, Microsoft continues to support and encourage sharing knowledge within the open source AI and data ecosystem, strengthening its commitment to fostering open-source innovation. The aim is to boost collaboration, emphasizing Microsoft’s active role in nurturing a cooperative environment.

Ali Dalloul Vice President,  Azure AI at Microsoft:

“At Microsoft, our dedication lies in providing our customers access to the latest AI and data technologies, empowering them to create new experiences and revolutionize their operations. As a Premier Member of LF AI & Data, we reinforce our commitment to sustaining a diverse array of open source AI and data communities. Using open source technologies as the foundation for these advancements accelerates innovation, enhances transparency, and ensures that technological progress is accessible to a wide audience from the outset.”

Upon becoming a Premier Member, Microsoft assumes a pivotal role within the Foundation’s Governing Board, signifying a significant presence in decision-making processes. This position underscores Microsoft’s commitment to actively contribute to advancing AI innovation and strengthening the open-source community.

We warmly welcome Microsoft. As we embark on this promising journey, Microsoft’s inclusion as a Premier Member promises to catalyze significant advancements in the domains of AI and data.

For more information about LF AI & Data and membership details, please visit the website.