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Generative AI Commons is an initiative of the LF AI & Data Foundation democratizing generative AI through the hosting of open-source generative AI models, data sets and applications. The Trusted AI Committee within LF AI & Data has been reintroduced and renamed “Responsible AI” and now acts as the Generative AI Commons Workstream. ​​The goal of this transition is to better align our initiatives with the broader objective of Generative AI Commons, while ensuring they adhere to the highest standards of ethical use. Through the integration of Trusted AI principles across all operational domains, this repositioning aims to harmonize every innovation and standard under the LF AI & Data umbrella with ethical AI practices. 

The Trusted AI Committee’s transformation into the Responsible AI Workstream is a comprehensive realignment of our approach to AI development and governance. By integrating Trusted AI as a cross-cutting concern across all workstreams, we’re ensuring that every innovation, every piece of research, and every standard developed under the LF AI & Data umbrella is infused with the principles of responsibility, safety, and trustworthiness. The Trusted AI Committee activities underway will continue within the auspices of the Responsible AI workstream.

This strategic shift brings with it many benefits for the AI community and society at large. By embedding Trusted AI considerations into every aspect of our work, we’re fostering tighter integration with industry needs and global standards. Transitioning towards a deliverable-based approach empowers us to create thought leadership materials, draft standards, and develop frameworks that will guide the industry toward responsible AI practices. This proactive stance ensures our contributions have tangible, lasting impacts.

The committee’s focus now encompasses Responsible AI, AI safety, and legislative aspects, addressing the multifaceted challenges and opportunities presented by AI technologies. This expansion is crucial for staying ahead of the evolving landscape and ensuring AI’s positive impact on society. The Responsible AI Workstream will play a crucial role in engaging with all teams within Gen AI Commons. By operating through a lens of Responsible AI, we ensure that our collective efforts align with the highest standards of ethical AI development. 

As we embark on this journey with the Responsible AI Workstream, our goal is clear: to set the benchmark for responsible, trustworthy AI development and deployment. This initiative represents a significant leap forward in our mission to democratize AI technologies that are safe, ethical, and beneficial for all.

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