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The LF AI & Data Foundation is at the forefront of pioneering the democratization, advancement, and ethical adoption of data and AI through open-source innovation. Within LF AI & Data is Generative AI Commons, an open participation community where open and transparent collaboration, neutral governance, and education converge to advance principles of open science and open source in generative AI.

Today, we are excited to announce the results for the 2024 Generative AI Commons election. Please join us in welcoming Anni Lai from Futurewei, who will be taking on the role of Chair, and Alexy Khrabrov from IBM, who will serve as Vice Chair. These roles are pivotal in advocating for the Generative AI Commons within the broader LF AI & Data Foundation and the Linux Foundation projects as well as representing the ethos and objectives of the Generative AI Commons.

As AI technologies continue to advance, the importance of ethical considerations becomes paramount. The elected chairs play a vital role in championing ethical practices within the Gen AI Commons. By prioritizing ethical guidelines and promoting responsible AI development, Anni Lai and Alexy Khrabrov ensure that the Commons remains committed to fostering AI innovations that benefit society while upholding ethical standards. At its core, the Gen AI Commons is driven by open-source principles of transparency, collaboration, and innovation. 

The coming year promises to be one of exciting developments and groundbreaking initiatives. Gen AI Commons is set to embark on projects that not only push the boundaries of AI technology but also ensure that these advancements are developed in an ethical, secure, and transparent manner. Its focus remains on nurturing a community where open collaboration and education can flourish, enabling everyone to contribute to and benefit from Generative AI innovations.

To learn about Generative AI Commons: wiki.

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The LF AI & Data Foundation is a leading organization dedicated to accelerating and promoting the adoption of artificial intelligence and data technologies. With a diverse community of members and contributors, LF AI & Data drives innovation and fosters collaboration in these transformative fields.