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By Dr. Ibrahim Haddad, the Executive Director of LF AI & Data

Today, the LF AI & Data Foundation, which is dedicated to fostering innovation in open source AI and data, announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is its latest Premier Member, emphasizing its commitment to building and supporting an open AI and data community. 

The alignment of AWS with LF AI & Data is a resounding commitment to accelerate the democratization and development of the open AI and data landscape. As a premier member of both the LF AI & Data Foundation and PyTorch Foundation, AWS has further reinforced its support for open source innovation by enabling better collaboration and promoting the creation of new opportunities for all the members of the community. Through this support, AWS is fostering a collaborative environment and encouraging the sharing of knowledge across the open AI and data ecosystem.

Upon becoming a Premier Member, AWS assumes a pivotal position within the Foundation’s Governing Board, signifying a substantial presence in decision-making processes. This role underscores AWS’s dedication to actively contributing to advancing AI innovation and enhancing the open source community. 

Community is at the heart of our endeavors, and AWS’s entrance promises to infuse fresh vitality into our engagements. The cloud leader will collaborate on transformative projects encompassing the newly announced Generative AI Commons, MLSecurityOps, Trusted AI, and DataOps, among others, paving the way for advancements in the dynamic field of AI and Data. 

Brian Granger senior principal technologist at AWS: 

“At AWS, we are committed to making the latest AI and data technologies accessible to our customers, so they can build new experiences and transform their operations. By joining LF AI & Data as a Premier Member, we continue to support the long-term sustainability of a broad range of open source AI and data communities. When the underlying technologies powering these advancements are open source, it speeds the pace of innovation, increases transparency, and makes technological advancements accessible to the greatest number of users from the start.”

We extend a warm and sincere welcome to AWS. As we embark on this promising journey, AWS’s inclusion as a Premier Member promises to catalyze significant advancements in the domains of AI and data. 

For more information about LF AI & Data and membership details, please visit the website.


  • Dr. Ibrahim Haddad

    Dr. Ibrahim Haddad is Vice President of Strategic Programs (AI & Data) at the Linux Foundation, where he collaborates with the largest technology companies and open source projects. He's focused on facilitating a vendor-neutral environment for advancing the open source AI platform and empowering generations of open source innovators by providing a neutral, trusted hub for developers to code, manage, and scale open source technology projects. In this role, Haddad leads the LF AI & Data Foundation and the PyTorch Foundation. His work, and the work of both Foundations, support companies, developers, and the open source community in identifying and contributing to the technological projects that address industry and technology challenges for the benefit of all participants.

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