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The AI and data sectors continue to evolve, reflecting a steadfast commitment to innovation, collaboration, and growth. This year, at the Open Source Summit Europe, we’re pleased to introduce six new members to the LF AI & Data Foundation community. Their unique insights, substantial expertise, and spirit of teamwork are pivotal as we endeavor to expand the open source AI community.

Dr. Ibrahim Haddad, Executive Director of the LF AI & Data Foundation, shared, “The expansion of our community is crucial in pushing the boundaries of open source AI and data. We are thrilled to expand our board and our general membership and are genuinely excited to collaborate with these outstanding organizations on advancing innovation in the open source AI ecosystem and addressing key challenges.”

Premier Members


AWS – Renowned for its cloud computing prowess, AWS offers a comprehensive range of services from IaaS, PaaS, to SaaS. Their dedication to innovation aligns seamlessly with our mission at LF AI & Data Foundation. As a Premier member, their commitment to the open source AI and data community is evident.

Intel – Renowned for its cutting-edge hardware and software solutions, manufactures, and sells integrated digital technology platforms worldwide. Intel joins as a Premier member, fortifying the Foundation’s pursuit of accelerating AI and data innovation. Intel’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology aligns well with LF AI & Data’s vision.

IBM – A global technology leader, is an IT technology and consulting firm providing computer hardware, software, infrastructure, and hosting services. IBM’s commitment to innovation is deeply aligned with LF AI & Data Foundation’s mission. With its expanded involvement as a Premier member, IBM will contribute to shaping the future of AI and data, leveraging its extensive expertise in the industry.

General Members


Ant GroupWith a solid footprint in financial technology, Ant Group continuously pioneers integrated technology platforms. Joining as a general member, their expertise enhances our collective pursuit of meaningful tech solutions.

CloudGeometrySpecializing in cloud-native solutions, CloudGeometry possesses deep knowledge in both open source tools and commercial platforms. Their partnership reinforces our shared vision for AI advancement.

New Relic – Leading in delivering actionable insights across technology landscapes, New Relic equips businesses with data-driven decisions. Their focus on open standards and efficient integrations aligns with LF AI & Data Foundation’s ethos of fostering open source collaboration.

Fujitsu – As Japan’s premier information and communication technology (ICT) leader, Fujitsu boasts an extensive portfolio of technology products, solutions, and services, backed by a legacy of innovation and collaboration. Joining as a general member, Fujitsu’s rich experience and global footprint will greatly contribute to our shared vision for advancing AI and data within the open-source community.


Associate Members


OdiseIAAdvocating for the ethical application of AI, OdiseIA’s dedication resonates with our commitment at the Foundation. Their participation highlights the shared goal of responsible AI development.


China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) – A respected institution, CAICT consistently leads in research within the information and communications sector. Their association with LF AI & Data Foundation marries academic rigor with pragmatic applications.

Shaping the Future Together

Our journey at LF AI & Data Foundation revolves around collaborative strength. We extend a heartfelt welcome to AWS, Ant Group, CloudGeometry, New Relic, OdiseIA, and CAICT. With your expertise, we look forward to further enriching the open source AI and data realm.

Interested in joining the LF AI & Data community as a member? Learn more here and email for more information and/or questions. 

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