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As the AI and data landscape evolves, so does the LF AI & Data Foundation’s community. In Q3, our community grew stronger with six new members poised to contribute significantly to open source AI and data. These additions bring fresh perspectives, expertise, and collaborative energy, driving growth and advancement in this dynamic field.

“Our community’s strength lies in its diversity and shared dedication to advancing AI and data through open and transparent collaboration,” Executive Director of LF AI & Data Foundation Dr. Ibrahim Haddad said. “We are delighted to welcome these exceptional organizations, and together, we will drive transformative change in the world of open source AI ecosystem.”


Premier Members


IBM – A global technology leader, is an IT technology and consulting firm providing computer hardware, software, infrastructure, and hosting services. IBM’s commitment to innovation is deeply aligned with LF AI & Data Foundation’s mission. With its expanded involvement as a Premier member, IBM will contribute to shaping the future of AI and data, leveraging its extensive expertise in the industry.


Intel – Renowned for its cutting-edge hardware and software solutions, manufactures, and sells integrated digital technology platforms worldwide. Intel joins as a Premier member, fortifying the Foundation’s pursuit of accelerating AI and data innovation. Intel’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology aligns well with LF AI & Data’s vision.


General Member


Futurewei Technologies – develops innovations to benefit an intelligent & digital society via standardization, open source, and collaboration with the ecosystem. Futurewei’s forward-thinking approach and technological prowess will undoubtedly enrich our community and contribute to our shared goal of advancing AI and data technologies.


Associate Members


The World Ethical Data Foundation – a non-profit organization that examines the opportunities and problems arising from the development of technologies that are opening unprecedented possibilities for knowledge and influence. By joining as an Associate member, they emphasize the importance of responsible AI and data use, aligning perfectly with the Foundation’s values.


One Fact Foundation –  transforms healthcare access & efficiency using open source artificial intelligence. As another Associate member, One Fact Foundation brings a commitment to driving positive social change through data-driven initiatives. Their involvement will contribute to the Foundation’s efforts in fostering ethical and impactful AI and data solutions.


University of Michigan – As a prestigious academic institution, the University of Michigan’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge aligns seamlessly with LF AI & Data Foundation’s mission to accelerate the development and adoption of open source AI and data projects. Their contributions are poised to make a significant impact, fostering cutting-edge research, and driving the evolution of AI and data solutions.


Driving Momentum and Innovation

At LF AI & Data Foundation, we’re more than a community; we’re an innovation hub. We extend a warm welcome to our new members—IBM, INTEL, Futurewei Technologies, The World Ethical Data Foundation, One Fact Foundation, and the University of Michigan. Your expertise, passion, and contributions will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of AI and data.

Interested in joining the LF AI & Data community as a member? Learn more here and email for more information and/or questions. 

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