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By Dr. Ibrahim Haddad, the Executive Director of LF AI & Data

We are delighted to announce that Intel has joined the LF AI & Data Foundation as a Premier member, solidifying its commitment to driving innovation and collaboration within the open source AI ecosystem. This partnership will allow Intel to influence technical priorities, and collaborate on code development. The Premier membership grants Intel a prominent seat on the Governing Board for the Foundation, enabling them to actively shape the direction and initiatives of AI and data alongside other industry leaders.

“We are excited to elevate our partnership with LF AI & Data at the premier level,” said Wei Li, Vice President and General Manager of Artificial Intelligence and Analytics (AIA) at Intel. “Intel is committed to enabling an AI Everywhere future through not just our portfolio of AI-accelerated processors and software but also our contributions to an open AI software ecosystem. By joining the Governing Board, we look forward to contributing our rich experience leading open innovation and nurturing developer communities to help shape the strategic direction of LF AI & Data and accelerate the development of open source AI projects and technologies.”

Intel has been actively involved with LF AI & Data contributing to several of the hosted projects and hosting their own effort, OpenFL, a Python 3 framework for Federated Learning designed to be a flexible, extensible, and easily learnable tool for data scientists.

“By joining LF AI & Data at the premier level, we are doubling down on Intel’s long-standing commitment to openness, choice, and trust, and extending our focus to open ecosystem AI software. Transparency and shared responsibility within an open ecosystem are critical to achieving AI innovation,” said Melissa Evers, Vice President and General Manager of Strategy to Execution at Intel.

As the Executive Director of LF AI & Data, I am thrilled to welcome Intel to our LF AI & Data community. Intel’s renowned commitment and long-standing contributions to the open source AI community enhance the value of their memberships. With Intel’s expertise and influence, we’ll propel the advancement of innovative open source AI technologies, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that thrives on relentless innovation.

We believe that Intel’s Premier Membership in LF AI & Data will further strengthen our collective mission to advance open source AI and data technologies. Their expertise, resources, and contributions will undoubtedly drive innovation, foster collaboration, and enhance the adoption of open source frameworks within the broader community.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome and congratulations to Intel on their significant contributions to date. We look forward to the exciting collaborations, breakthroughs, and advancements that Intel will bring to our community as a Premier Member.

For more information about LF AI & Data and membership details, please visit the website.

About LF AI & Data:

LF AI & Data is an umbrella foundation within the Linux Foundation that supports open source projects focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Data. It provides a neutral and collaborative platform for developers, researchers, and organizations to collectively advance open source AI and data technologies.


  • Dr. Ibrahim Haddad

    Dr. Ibrahim Haddad is Vice President of Strategic Programs (AI & Data) at the Linux Foundation, where he collaborates with the largest technology companies and open source projects. He's focused on facilitating a vendor-neutral environment for advancing the open source AI platform and empowering generations of open source innovators by providing a neutral, trusted hub for developers to code, manage, and scale open source technology projects. In this role, Haddad leads the LF AI & Data Foundation and the PyTorch Foundation. His work, and the work of both Foundations, support companies, developers, and the open source community in identifying and contributing to the technological projects that address industry and technology challenges for the benefit of all participants.