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BI & AI Committee Releases New Report

By November 10, 2022No Comments

Guest Author, Cupid Chan (BI & AI Committee Chair)

Business Intelligence (BI) has established a very robust user interface for us to analyze data naturally.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps us find hidden patterns in the data at a speed no human can match.

Data fuels both AI and BI and make Analytics meaningful and valuable.

“What happens if we mix and leverage the power of these 3 elements together?”

This question was explored by the BI & AI committee in the past year. We initiated, discussed, debated, argued, and now finally come up with an agreement on Open Business and Artificial Intelligence Connectivity (OBAIC) with the vision to connect and complement the three together to push the experience of Analytics to another level.

How come it sounds so familiar?

Suppose you think this sounds familiar to the “AI + BI = CI” concept proposed by this committee in the BI Endgame –
When BI meets AI publication ( Yes, you should feel that way because OBAIC is the practical implementation built on top of this concept. In case you missed that publication before, CI means Cognitive Intelligence, which can be achieved by combining the Direction BI provides to us in analyzing data at the Speed at which AI can learn from the data. Want to know more about OBAIC and see how you can be part of it? check this out: OBAIC_Report_110922

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