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ONNX Community Election Announcement

By June 22, 2022No Comments

Guest Author, Alexandre Eichenberger

As an open format to represent machine learning and deep learning models that deploy and execute on diverse hardware platforms and clouds, ONNX is widely supported by leading hardware and software providers. The community continues to grow with new members, new contributors, new capabilities, and new products supporting ONNX as seen at the LF AI & Data Day – ONNX Community Meetup this month (June 24th). 

ONNX follows an open governance model in accordance with industry best practices. We are excited to announce the annual election has concluded and the new Steering Committee members selected: 

The community expresses sincere gratitude to our former member, both for exemplary service as well as continuing participation and support for ONNX: 

The past and present steering committee members wish to thank all those who self-nominated as well as those who voted in the election

ONNX community values are: open, welcoming, respectful, transparent, accessible, meritorious, and speedy. Accordingly, all ONNX Steering Committee meetings are open to the community as are SIG and Working Group meetings. Participation and contribution in these forums and on GitHub are the best ways to grow in the community and are highly encouraged.

Congrats to everyone involved and thank you for your contributions to the ONNX project!

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