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Welcome LF AI Newly Elected Leaders

By March 8, 2022No Comments

We are excited to welcome four newly elected leaders to the LF AI and Data Foundation. We look forward to their leadership in the upcoming year and appreciate their help in supporting open source innovation and projects within the artificial intelligence (AI) and Data space. 

A huge thank you to previously elected leaders for all of their contributions, and congratulations to the newly elected Governing Board Chairperson, Governing Board General Member Representative, Technical Advisory Council Chairperson, and Outreach Committee Chairperson. For more details on the leadership roles, please take a look at the LF AI and Data Foundation Charter available here. Learn more about each leader below:

Junping Du, Chairperson, Governing Board

Junping Du, General Manager of Huawei Cloud & AI Open Source Department, was elected as the new chairperson of the LF AI and Data Governing Board. Junping will lead community partners to further enhance the leading position of the open source AI and Data community in the ​​industry. He has 10+ years open source development experience, and now serves as ASF Member, PMC & Committer for Apache Hadoop, Submarine and Incubator and Mentor of Apache NuttX, YuniKorn, etc. He is also Chair of TOC in OPENATOM Foundation.

Prior to Huawei, he worked as Chair of Tencent Open Source Alliance and Director of Tencent Big Data Department, Hortonworks Hadoop Core Team (US) leader, VMware Engineering lead, etc. He has long term technical experience in Cloud Computing, Big Data and Open Source areas where he has gained vision and wide influence on industry.

“Many innovations are happening through open source, and great collaborations can create outstanding works. AI is an interesting area that never lacks creative ideas, and Linux Foundation is always doing good to glue ideas and people together for making great things. I am so excited to be part of it!” said Junping.

Charles Xie, General Member Representative, Governing Board

Charles was elected as the new LF AI & Data Foundation Governing Board General Member Representative. Charles is the founder of Milvus, the open source vector database for production ready AI. Charles is also the founder and CEO of Zilliz, an open source software company with a mission to unleash data insights with AI. Prior to Zilliz, he worked many years at Oracle headquarters, developing the Oracle 12c cloud database system. He received a master’s degree in computer science from University of Wisconsin-Madison and a bachelor’s degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

“We’ve witnessed the accelerated momentum in open source AI and the prosperity of the LF AI & Data community in the past three years. It’s really a privilege to continue serving the community. I hope to help bring the power of AI to every corporation, every organization, and every individual.” said Charles.

Nancy Rausch, Chairperson, Technical Advisory Council (TAC)

Nancy Rausch, Senior Software Manager and Data Scientist in Research and Development at SAS Institute, was re-elected as the LF AI & Data Technical Advisory Council (TAC) Chairperson. Nancy leads a team of engineers that develop SAS’ Data Governance products, with a focus on leveraging AI and Machine Learning methods for automation.

She is also a researcher in SAS’ energy technology sector, applying machine learning methods to energy forecasting in support of the smart grid.  Nancy is an Advisory board member for the NSF funded non-profit LASER Institute promoting Learning Analytics in STEM Education Research.  She is a mentor in SAS’ industry/education partnership program, supporting researchers at North Carolina State University’s Department of Computer Science. She has authored over 20 research papers and publications and presented at numerous conferences on a wide variety of topics related to the intersection of AI and Data Management.

“Good ideas are meant to be shared.  It’s a privilege to collaborate with some of the best and brightest minds from Industry and Academia as a part of the Linux Foundation to promote the exchange of good ideas.” said Nancy. 

Xiaoman Hu (Charlotte), Chairperson, Outreach Committee

Xiaoman (Charlotte) Hu, Director of MindSpore Community at Huawei, was elected as the LF AI & Data Outreach Committee Chairperson. Charlotte serves as the Expert of Chinese Institute of Electronics, project lead of TinyMS, and is a key leader of Huawei Official Women In Tech Project. Prior to Huawei, she worked as Algorithm Expert and Deep Learning Evangelist and was in charge of computer vision and deep learning platform projects where she gained extensive experience in Artificial Intelligence and Open Source areas.

“It’s a great honor to witness and promote open source AI projects including models and datasets with the Linux Foundation. I hope to encourage more developers to join this exciting journey of tech innovation which is crucial for building AI industrial innovation capability and accelerating the development of open source.” said Charlotte. 

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