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Egeria Dojo Days

By January 12, 2022No Comments

Guest Author: David Radley

Egeria Dojos are online tutorials, which guide a user through hands-on activities showcasing the value and capability of using Egeria.  There is an introduction Dojo that leads you through how to setup Egeria and how to use some basic capabilities. There are then other Dojos that are targeted at audiences for example Egeria contributors. On day 5, the Dojo covers real life considerations of running Egeria in production. 

The Egeria Dojos have been brought up to date and extended to showcase new Egeria capabilities. Members of the Egeria Community will lead education sessions on each of these new Dojos; which are being run monthly at the start of 2022. The Dojo educational content will remain available after the live education sessions.

There will be at least 5 Dojo days, which will be presented monthly. Any changes and/or additions can be found in this working document on the wiki:

The Dojos will be streaming on Zoom Conference .  

More details of the currently planned 5 days of the Dojo:

DateTime    TitleDescriptionContributors
                                    17th January 202210AM-17:00PM (UTC)Running EgeriaHow to setup and run Egeria in different environments.

Using K8s.

This will include the Jupyter notebooks.
Nigel Jones: core

David Radley: Server Author
18th February 202210AM-17:00PM (UTC)Developing on EgeriaLinks to be able raise issues / get help.

Connector overview

Use of java clients, postman collections (for testing) and using the digital resource connectors in applications

›Data connectors›Integration connectors
›Repository connectors
›Egeria Diagnostics
›Egeria APIs Javadoc, swagger (rest calls not supported, platform & view services supported), Python
›Pulling in samples (from the Git samples repo) so there is an example fora connector / project
Mandy Chessell: core

Nigel Jones:  packaging
14th March 202210AM-17:00PM (UTC)Metadata GovernanceUsing Egeria to governance metadata and data.  
›Metadata supply chains
›Metadata discovery
›Governance Actions
›Governance maturity
Mandy Chessell: core
18th April 202210AM-17:00PM (UTC)Contributing to EgeriaUnderstanding the tools, techniques and processes used by the Egeria.Maryna Strelchuk: core

David Radley:Open source philosophy
16th May 202210AM-17:00PM (UTC)Running Egeria in ProductionDesigning Egeria ecosystem, security, the Egeria operator, HA configurations, backup/restore.
– Kubenetes operator
– Topology: how many platforms, where are they deployed, how many servers. 
– Monitoring: including setting up – Prometheus endpoint and managing audit log destinations.  Building the run book for Egeria
– HA : Availability / reliability / resilient
– Performance
– Backups
– Recovery
– Security
No day owner.

Mandy Chessell: Backups&recovery& topology 

Ljupcho Palashevski: Threat model and Monitoring and see if there is interest in ING to help with K8s.

Nigel Jones: K8s operator&security

Chris G:


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