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Please Join Us for the Next Egeria Webinar: What Next After You Have Built a Catalog – Part 1

By November 30, 2021No Comments

Guest Author: Mandy Chessell

Update your calendars! The popular monthly Egeria Webinar program is here:

The next session is on the 6th of December 2021 at 15:00 UTC and will describe the next steps you can take after you have basic cataloguing in place.

This session will use a fictitious company Coco Pharmaceuticals as a representative example on how to achieve this.    

Peter Profile from Coco Pharmaceuticals is responsible for cataloging the weekly incoming data from the hospitals that are involved in their latest clinical trial.  The data scientists that use the catalog to locate and work with this data are full of praise for Peter’s work. However, Peter is getting fed up with the repetitive, time-consuming nature of the cataloguing activity.  How can we help Peter to automate this cataloguing and extend the value of the catalog to the organization?

In this session, follow Peter’s journey from manual cataloging to using automated integration and templating to create business relevant catalog entries.  He also adds metadata discovery to extract profile information about the incoming data values and enables metadata governance features (such as deduplication) to improve the quality of the catalog.  Finally, he creates automated notifications to the stewards responsible for the data if any issues occur that need a human touch.

The result is that Peter is relieved of the tedious cataloguing tasks and Coco Pharmaceuticals sees increased value from their catalog. 

The session will cover:

Who is this for: Anyone interested in automating their cataloguing of metadata. 

What and Why:  An organization can put in place processes to automate cataloguing, so that metadata can be brought into an Egeria ecosystem consistently on an ongoing basis, allowing it to be coherently governed, with minimal human intervention.  

Zoom Conference    

At the end of the session, you should have awareness of ways to automate the cataloguing of your metadata.

Be sure to put the other Webinar dates in your calendar


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