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Resources for Data Scientist and Machine Learning Professionals

By March 30, 2021No Comments

Guest Author: Matt Zand, President of High School Technology Services

Whether you are new to the field of data science or you would like to brush up on your current skills, the resources listed here would be a great help to you. For beginners, they should start by learning Python procedural coding followed by mastering Python Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). Python is a very powerful, yet easy to learn programming language. If you are familiar with the logic of programming, learning Python would be easy.

Once you master Python, you can move on to learning how to use Python for data analytics. Techniques and tools you use for running data analytics are common among data scientists that run analytics on large data sets (or so-called “Big Data”) on a daily basis.

The other two popular applications of Python are machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In short, by utilizing Python, machines will learn from their system and users and begin to replicate the business processes without any human interactions. Along similar lines, Python is used for AI by automating business processing and system routine transactions often via assistance from Internet of Things like hardware devices.

In short, the resources provided in this article can serve as great guides for those interested in pursuing a career in Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Analytics, and AI.

Python, Machine Learning and Data Science Resources

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