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LF AI & Data Day-Shenzhen, Recap

By November 17, 2020No Comments

The 2020 LF AI & DATA Day – Shenzhen, was held on Nov. 7, 2020, at Shenzhen Pengcheng Lab. It was a remarkable day with presentations and a panel discussion from some of the most prestigious communities and organizations such as Pengcheng Lab, OpenI Community, LF AI & DATA Foundation, MindSpore Community, Huawei, Tencent, Baidu, ZTE, Zilliz and Didi. This event has attracted many audiences both online and offline.

Opening Speech

Representatives from Pengcheng Lab, OpenI Community and LF AI & DATA Foundation gave the opening speech.  At the end of the opening speech, an announcement of tripartite strategic collaboration between Pengcheng Lab, OpenI Qizhi Community and LF AI & DATA Foundation was made. This collaboration intends to further strengthen the global efforts on open-source AI. 

Starlord, Chair of LF AI & DATA Foundation Governing Board in his opening speech:

2020 is an extraordinary year and a good starting point for China’s open source. Starlord then shared the evolution of AI and big data. He believes that the change from structured data to the Internet era is the reason why the foundation is now expanding from AI to AI and data​​. To complete such a huge data processing and analysing, open-source cooperation must be strengthened. He then urges more developers to join the LF AI & DATA family to advance open-source movement. 

MindSpore open source community operation leader Zhipeng Huang shared recent achievements of MindSpore. Although only open sourced at the end of March this year, MindSpore has achieved brilliant success so far. 

In his speech, Zhipeng Huang emphasized his hope to promote the construction of a new AI Native Programming industry and ecosystem through collaboration with LF AI & Data Foundation and OpenI community. In order to build an AI native programming framework system MindSpore community has also launched the MLWorkflow & Interop committee in the LF AI & Data Foundation.

Before the end of the morning session, the guests all came one stage for a panel discussion on how to better build an open-source community. The speakers all agreed that open source is not self-innovation, but external innovation, and working together with others can achieve the result of 1+1>2; the open-source community is a global community, and we need to use the power of global developers to promote greater tech innovation.

In the afternoon session, Ibrahim Haddad (VP of the Linux Foundation) analyzed the ecosystem challenges faced by the open-source community and introduced the development history and future plans of the LF AI & DATA Foundation in detail. He also stated that he will work hard to establish and support an open and growing ecosystem of open-source artificial intelligence, data, and analysis projects. 

Dongwei Jiang, a senior algorithm engineer at Didi, talked about the speech processing research and application in the field. Athena’s unique acoustics, language models, and decoding can help users solve more tasks such as voice conversion and ASR.

Hai Jin, R&D Director of Zilliz, shared Zilliz’s progress in unstructured data services.

Milvus, an open-source similarity search engine for massive-scale feature vectors has achieved remarkable results since it open sourced. It joined LF AI & DATA as an incubation project in April 2020. 

It has gained more than 400 enterprise users and many more individual users so far. He hopes with the ease of use and versatility of the Milvus, it can further help more companies implement AI applications.

Wen Ouyang, a senior R&D engineer from Tencent covered the recent optimization efforts of Angel. 

Angel is a full-stack machine learning platform open sourced by Tencent, and its functional features cover all stages of machine learning: feature engineering, model training, Hyperparameter adjustment, and model service. 

Angel is the first project in China to graduate from the LF AI & DATA Foundation. After years of development, Angel has been recognized by many developers.

ZTE AI Platform System Architect Bo Tang discussed the data security issues and current industrial practices of federation learning. 

As a decentralized solution, federated learning can solve the problem of user data security to a large extent. He then shared with us ZTE’s current efforts and achievements in this field.

Ti Zhou, Senior Architect of Baidu shared PaddlePaddle/EDL’s deep learning practice. In the future, Baidu will continue to optimize user experience and hope that more developers will join them to build a better deep learning platform together.

Thanks everyone for joining the event, we are very happy to see so many people interested in opensource AI. We hope to see you at the next LF AI & DATA Day soon!

LF AI & Data Day is a regional, one-day event hosted and organized by local members with support from LF AI & Data, its members, and projects. If you are interested in hosting an LF AI & Data Day, please email to discuss.

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