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Join the LF AI Foundation at ONES 2020

By August 18, 2020No Comments

The LF AI Foundation is excited to announce our participation at the upcoming Open Networking & Edge Summit 2020! The event will be held virtually on September 28 – 30, and registration is only US$50.

Below are all the different ways to interact with the LF AI Foundation at the conference. We hope to see you there!

Visit us at the LF AI Virtual Booth

Come chat with us at our virtual booth at ONES! Various LF AI community members will be available to answer any questions you have. You’ll also be able to get more information on how to get involved with the LF AI Foundation.

Attend our Session: The Making of 5G with AI & Open Source

We invite you to join LF AI Foundation Executive Director, Ibrahim Haddad, along with Mazin Gilbert, Vice President of Technology & Innovation at AT&T, for their session, “The Making of 5G with AI & Open Source”. 

The session will be on Monday, September 28 at 2:00 – 2:30pm Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -4). You will need to be registered for ONES in order to attend the session. More details on the session are below.

Over the next decade, we will be transformed by new revolutionary experiences that will radically change the way we work, live and play. The marriage of 5G with edge cloud will enable holograms for gatherings and meetings, mobile and untethered xR experiences for gaming and remote surgery, and immersive experiences for digital shopping. These experiences can only be brought to life through an intelligent 5G network that employs AI and open interfaces to enable zero-touch network automation, and elasticity to optimize traffic flow and spectrum. In this talk, Mazin will present the making of 5G with AI and Open Source as foundational elements to enable these next generation experiences and network automation. The role of ORAN-SC, ONAP, Akraino and Acumos-AI will be discussed.

Join us by registering to attend Open Networking & Edge Summit – Register Now

The LF AI Foundation mission is to build and support an open AI community, and drive open source innovation in the AI, ML, and DL domains by enabling collaboration and the creation of new opportunities for all the members of the community. 

Want to get involved with the LF AI Foundation? Be sure to subscribe to our mailing lists to join the community and stay connected on the latest updates. 

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