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Newly Elected ONNX Steering Committee Announced!

By June 11, 2020No Comments

Author(s): The ONNX Steering Committee

The ONNX community continues to grow with new tools supporting the spec and nearly two hundred individuals from one hundred organizations attending the April 2020 community meeting. Along with the strong growth of this open source project, we are excited to announce that the governance structure is working well and elections have resulted in newly appointed steering committee members. This is another important step to ensure an open, adaptive, sustainable future for the ONNX project.

The ONNX steering committee as of June 1st are: 

The community expresses sincere gratitude to the three former members, both for exemplary service as well as continuing participation and support for ONNX spec and community: 

The past and present steering committee members wish to thank all those who self-nominated as well as those who voted in the election. Solid contributions to SIGS, Working Groups, and Community Meetings continue to be the best way to grow eminence in the ONNX community. For those who plan to self-nominate in next year’s election, participation is essential.   Also, community outreach to other projects in the LF AI Foundation and contributions to defining the ONNX Roadmap are encouraged.

ONNX is an open format to represent and optimize deep learning and machine learning models that deploy and execute on diverse hardware platforms and clouds. ONNX allows AI developers to more easily move AI models between tools that are part of trusted AI/ML/DL workflows. The ONNX community was established in 2017 to create an open ecosystem for interchangeable models, and quickly grew as tool vendors and enterprises adopted ONNX for their products and internal processes. Support for ONNX spec as an industry standard continues to grow with the support of contributors from across geographies and industry sectors. ONNX is a graduated project of the LF AI Foundation under multi-vendor open governance, in accordance with industry best practice. ONNX community values are: Open, welcoming, respectful, transparent, accessible, meritorious, and speedy. In accordance with our ONNX community principle of being welcoming, all ONNX Steering Committee meetings are open to the community to attend. We welcome your contributions to ONNX.

Congrats to everyone involved and thank you for your contributions to the ONNX project!

The ONNX Steering Committee

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