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Milvus v0.9.0 Release Now Available!

Milvus, an LF AI Foundation Incubation-Stage Project, has released version 0.9.0. We’re thrilled to see lots of momentum from this community!

In version 0.9.0, Milvus adds a lot of new features, improvements, and bug fixes: 

New features

  • Checks the CPU instruction set, GPU driver version, and CUDA version, when Milvus starts up. #2054 #2111
  • Prevents multiple Milvus instances from accessing the same Milvus database at the same time. #2059
  • Supports log file rotating. #2206
  • Suspends index building when a search request comes in. #2283


  • Refactors log output. #221
  • Upgrades OpenBLAS to improve Milvus’ performance. #1796
  • Unifies the vector distance calculation algorithms among FAISS, NSG, HNSW, and ANNOY. #1965
  • Supports SSE4.2 instruction set. #2039
  • Refactors the configuration files. #2149 #2167
  • Uses Elkan K-means algorithm to improve the IVF index performance. #2178

Bug fixes and API changes 

The Milvus Project invites you to adopt or upgrade to version 0.9.0 in your application, and welcomes feedback. To learn more about the Milvus 0.9.0 release, check out the full release notes. Want to get involved with Milvus? Be sure to join the Milvus-Announce and Milvus Technical-Discuss mailing lists to join the community and stay connected on the latest updates. 

Congratulations to the Milvus team! We look forward to continued growth and success as part of the LF AI Foundation. To learn about hosting an open source project with us, visit the LF AI Foundation website.

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