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LF AI 2019 Year in Review

By January 22, 2020No Comments

As we look back to 2019, it’s clear to see that The LFAI Foundation (LF AI) had a year of great momentum and growth, and we couldn’t be more excited for the continued success in the coming year. Check out the 2019 year in review highlights below and if you’re not already involved, we’d love to have you join the LF AI Community!


LF AI members grew by 8 companies who have hit the ground running in their engagement across the Premier, General, and Associate membership levels. We’ve seen a diverse group of companies getting involved across various industries and we welcome those interested in contributing to the support of open source projects within the artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) space. You can think of LF AI as a greenhouse growing and sustaining open source AI, ML, and DL projects from seed to fruition. Interested in joining LF AI as a member? Learn more here


The LF AI portfolio of projects increased by 5 new projects, 1 at the Graduate level and 4 at the Incubation level. Projects included ONNX, Pyro, Adlik, sparklyr, and Marquez. We were thrilled to also see Incubation Project Angel move to Graduate level as well. Interested in hosting your open source project with LF AI? Learn more here.

You can also explore how LF AI projects, among many others, fit into the space of open source AI, ML, and DL projects by visiting the LF AI Interactive Landscape


Through the great contributions across the LF AI Community we launched two very important initiatives, an ML Workflow Working Group and a Trusted AI Committee. Both of these initiatives are open for participation and we encourage anyone interested to join the conversations by joining the mail lists or attending an upcoming meeting. 

The ML Workflow Working Group kicked off within the LF AI Technical Advisory Council (TAC) with the goal of defining an ML Workflow and to promote cross project integration. This working group meets bi-weekly on Thursdays, from 7:30-8:00 am PT. Please join the mail list and visit the ML Workflow Wiki to learn more about participating. 

The Trusted AI Committee was also launched and we are seeing continued growth of interest in what is a very hot topic in the AI, ML, and DL space. The committee goals are to create policies, guidelines, tooling, and use cases by industry; among others. This committee meets bi-weekly on Thursdays from 7:00-7:45 am PT. Please join the mail list and visit the Trusted AI Wiki to learn more about participating. 


Last year we rebranded the foundation from LF Deep Learning to LF AI Foundation and continued efforts throughout the year to increase communication and collaboration within the LF AI Community. If you haven’t connected with us across these channels please do so!

Thank you to all that helped make 2019 such a successful year, it would not have been possible without the broad contributions across the LF AI Community. 

Cheers to wrapping up 2019 and on to 2020!

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