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LF AI Welcomes Adlik, Toolkit for Accelerating Deep Learning Inference, as Newest Incubation Project

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Contributed by ZTE, Adlik allows deep learning models to be deployed to different platforms with high performance and flexibility

San Francisco – October 21, 2019 – The LF AI Foundation, the organization building an ecosystem to sustain open source innovation in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL), today welcomes Adlik, joining the LF AI as an incubation project. Adlik comes from LF AI Premier member ZTE, which has committed to hosting Adlik in a neutral environment with an open governance model that encourages contributions and adoption.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Adlik to the LF AI. Today’s announcement is an important contribution to the growing ecosystem of open source AI,” said Dr. Ibrahim Haddad, Executive Director of LF AI. “Adlik optimizes models developed in widely used frameworks like Tensorflow, Keras and Caffe and has the potential for wide impact in the AI space. Adlik is poised to help the overall growth of open source AI, and we look forward to supporting Adlik’s technology development and user adoption around the world.”

The goal of Adlik is to accelerate deep learning inference process both on cloud and embedded environments. Adlik consists of two sub projects: model compiler and serving platform. The model compiler supports several optimizing technologies like pruning, quantization and structural compression to optimize models developed in major frameworks like Tensorflow, Keras, and Caffe, so that they can run with lower latency and higher computing efficiency. The serving platform provides deep learning models with optimized runtime based on the deployment environment such as CPU, GPU, and FPGA. Based on a deep learning model, users of Adlik can optimize with a model compiler and then deploy to platforms utilizing the serving platform.

“We are very pleased to share knowledge and explore deploying deep learning technologies together. Adlik is a tool for models, and it will support more and more training frameworks and model optimization algorithms in the near future,” said Wei Meng, Director of Standard and Open Source Planning, Technology Planning Dept., ZTE Corporation. “We are happy to see a good ecosystem based on Adlik collaborate with other projects. Any developers are welcome to contribute to Adlik. Let’s all work together!” 

Release 1 of Adlik is expected before the end of the year with the following main features: Support for optimization like quantization and pruning; Support for compilation for models from a wider range of frameworks; Support for customization of runtime and service core; Support for FPGA runtime; Support for multiple instances for serving models.

For more information on getting involved immediately with Adlik, please see the following Adlik resources:

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