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Angel 3.0 Available Now – Major Milestone in Providing Full ML Stack

By August 20, 2019No Comments

Angel 3.0 is now available via Angel offers a full stack machine learning platform designed for sparse data and huge model scenarios, built on a high-performance Parameter Server (PS). Angel is used by Tencent and more the 100 companies in products or internally to their organizations. It boasts 4200+ stars on GitHub, 7 sub-projects, 1100+ forks, and 2000+ commits.

Angel joined the LF AI Foundation in August 2018 as an incubation project from Tencent, a Premier member of the Foundation. 

Angel 3.0 Features

Angel 3.0 adds Auto Feature Engineering, New or Enhanced Computation Engines including Angel native, Spark on Angel (SONA) and PyTorch on Angel (PyTONA). Angel 3.0 therefore allows users to switch to Angel from Spark or PyTorch smoothly with nearly zero cost. 

A detailed white paper on Angel 3.0 authored by Fitz Wang, Ph.D., Senior Researcher, Tencent, and Angel’s maintainer and core developer, introduces the new features of Angel 3.0. It shows what distinguishes Angel from existing machine learning platforms such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, MxNet, PaddlePaddle and Spark. It is available here:

LF AI Foundation Projects 

LF AI is an LF umbrella foundation that was founded in March 2018 to support and sustain collaboration and open source innovation in AI, machine learning and deep learning. It offers a neutral environment to its hosted open source projects and support them with a number of services to help the projects gain wider adoption. Current projects include Acumos AI, Angel, Elastic Deep Learning (EDL), Horovod, and Pyro. For more information please on these projects, please visit:

The LF AI Foundation supports open source AI developers and organizations around the world. We are constantly looking to host and support additional projects. People interested in hosting  their projects under the LF AI Foundation are encouraged to email us at Details on proposing projects for hosting in LF AI are available via

Meet Angel’s Developers at OSS NA

Angel core maintainers and other developers are presenting on August 20 at the LF AI Meetings in San Diego, co-located at the Open Source Summit NA, and will also be at the LF AI booth Aug 21-23 to show demos and answer questions.

For more information, including both schedules and more, please see:

LF AI Meetings, San Diego – How to Register 

LF AI Meetings, San Diego – Agenda

LF AI Booth #43 – Developer Schedule at Open Source Summit


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