RosaeNLG is an open source project, template-based Natural Language Generation (NLG) automating the production of relatively repetitive texts based on structured input data and textual templates, run by a NLG engine. Production usage is widespread in large corporations, especially in the financial industry.

Typical usecases are:

  • describing a product based on its features for SEO purposes
  • produce structured reports like risk reports or fund performance in the financial industry
  • generate well formed chatbot answers

RosaeNLG is an open source NLG engine. It aims:

  • to offer the same NLG features as product NLG solutions
  • to be developer and IT friendly for template configuration and integration
  • to provide NLG on both server-side and browser-side

RosaeNLG is a sandbox-stage project of the LF AI & Data Foundation.

Contributed by: Ludan Stoecklé in March 2021