OpenDS4All is an open source project built to accelerate the creation of data science curricula at academic institutions.

Starting a Data Science program from scratch is incredibly difficult, as building a curriculum requires significant resources. By making a “starter set” of training materials, IBM, ODPi and the University of Pennsylvania, working together with cross-industry partners and educators, can help accelerate the availability of skills building programs around the world.

OpenDS4All is a curriculum kit comprised of a set of open source building blocks for teaching the core concepts of data science in undergraduate and graduate programs. These building blocks are based on Python and open source tools and frameworks and include slides, documentation, code, and links to public data sets that could be adopted or updated by anyone. The materials can be used as they are, or can be modified to meet individual program needs. The goal of the project is to offer a set of building blocks for schools to supplement, strengthen, and start-up their data science programs.

All the modules, built for professors by professors, combined make up a set of materials to build a Data Science Program on top of required prerequisites, and they are connected through the cycle of data preparation, data exploration, model training, model selection, model validation and deployment.