Recommendation models have huge commercial values for areas such as retailing, media, advertisements, social networks and search engines. Unlike other kinds of models, recommendation models have large amount of non-numeric features such as id, tag, text and so on which lead to huge parameters.

DeepRec has been developed since 2016, which supports core businesses such as Taobao Search, recommendation and advertising. It precipitates a list of features on basic frameworks and has excellent performance in recommendation models training and inference. So far, in addition to Alibaba Group, dozens of companies have used DeepRec in their business scenarios.

DeepRec has super large-scale distributed training capability, supporting recommendation model training of trillion samples and over ten trillion parameters. For recommendation models, in-depth performance optimization has been conducted across CPU and GPU platform. It contains a list of features to improve usability and performance for super-scale scenarios.

DeepRec is a sandbox-stage project of LF AI & Data Foundation.

Contributed by Alibaba in April 2023.