Technology around Business Intelligence (BI) has been developed since the 1990s. Most of the BI tools were built because of the sprout of Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). After many years of development and evolution, BI is now a pretty mature area that most modern corporations embrace and has a long history to help human to understand data in an intuited way.

On the other hand, the growth of AI has been exploded since the 2010s. AI models can now run on Big Data much more cost-effective than years ago by ever-improving algorithms at a lightning speed. However, speed without correct direction can lead to issues such as bias results, if not disaster.

Hence, there is a need for the convergence of traditional BI and AI disciplines including Machine Learning, Deep Learning by this equation AI + BI = CI.

The goal of this committee is to integrate the power of AI and BI to make it CI (Cognitive Intelligence) by combing the speed machines accelerate (AI) with the direction intuited by human insight (BI). We have the following mission:

  • Increase the interoperability for the BI vendors and AI technology
  • Propose industry best practices and standard for how BI and AI can work together
  • Promote practical guidelines on how to run AI model on BI tools

For joining the BI & AI Committee or for any questions, please contact