Charles Xie (Starlord)

LF AI & Data Governing Board Chairperson - Founder at Zilliz Corp

Starlord is the founder of Zilliz, an open source software company with a mission to reinvent data science.

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Jamil Chawki, PhD

LF AI & Data Outreach Committee Chairperson - Intrapreneur-Founder & CEO, Orange AI Marketplace

Since November 2018, Dr Jamil Chawki is Founder and CEO of Internal Start-up Orange AI Marketplace. He is in charge of the development of Artificial Intelligence ecosystem fitting the needs of the enterprise’ businesses.

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Jonne Soininen

LF AI & Data Governing Board Treasurer - Head of Open Source Initiatives at Nokia

Open source enthusiast and Head of Open Source Initiatives in Nokia, Jonne serves as a board member of Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV) and Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP).

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Nancy Rausch

LF AI & Data TAC Chairperson - Senior Software Manager & Data Scientist in Research & Development at SAS Institute

Nancy Rausch is a Senior Software Manager and Data Scientist in Research and Development at SAS Institute. She leads a team of engineers that develop SAS’ Data Governance products, with a focus on leveraging AI and Machine Learning methods for automation.

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